Trapped in a Nightmare EP

by Repulsor

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L. Bouchard Thrash. Well done with nods to the Old School. A rare gem worth listening to.
  • Trapped in a Nightmare Album
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Debut album recocrded by thrashers from Gdańsk. CD is containing 6 authorial tracks known from previously, self-released EP, enriched by 3 new, bonus tracks.
    High sound quality, rapid fire tempos, crushing guitar solos and killer riffs. Fully professional, jewel case release made by Thrashing Madness label from Cracow, Poland. Strictly limited!

    1. Toxic Tomorrow (2:30)
    2. R.M.D.H. (5:27)
    3. The Summoning (1:22)
    4. To The Coven (4:05)
    5. Killing Instinct (3:31)
    6. Stained Heritage (4:16)

    + bonus tracks :

    7. Faces of Death (05:12)
    8. Schizophreniac (04:07)
    9. Repulsive Oppressor (05:54)

    Total playing time - 36:44

    Includes unlimited streaming of Trapped in a Nightmare EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released July 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Repulsor Gdańsk, Poland

The band was formed in January 2010 in Gdansk, Poland. At the end of 2010 we have recorded our first demo - Death is the Beginning. In July 2013 we've released EP Trapped in a Nightmare. In the same time we've also appeared on Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation vol. 2. In 2014 EP has been re-released by Thrashing Madness label from Cracow, Poland. ... more

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Track Name: Killing Instinct
Primal lust
Burning in sick head
This night violation will be spread
Innocence will be no excuse
For those that he will execute
Maniac starts the cut
Cold steel exposing human guts

Possessed by bloody rage
Unmoved while decapitates
His mind filled with corruption
Brutal murder as only solution
Seeking prey without bound
While dead bodies are rotting underground
Hell on earth really does exist
When silent death is hiding in the mist

Killing instinct, victims screaming in pain
Uncontrolled, drinking blood from their veins
Killing instinct, a constant need to kill
Slaughtered, to satisfy insane will

Infernal hate
Pain is so intense
Pressures him to make offence
Death raiser won’t have any rest
Waiting til you spit your last breath
You know it’s time to die
So watch, how he slowly takes your life

Obssessed by lethal daze
Trapped in endless maze
Grim past won’t leave in peace
Taking vengeance as killing addict
His soul will rot eternally
Nigthmare will last incessantly
Ruthless wretch will conquer your existence
Don’t mess with evil presence
Track Name: To The Coven
Unholy rituals and morbid cults
Sabbath is waiting only for you
Screams in the night and evil spells
This is the place where the evil dwells
Torches are blazing, altar is prepared
Horns are shining on the priest’s head
Let’s start the ceremony – do you mind?
Forget about all you’ve left behind

Come on, take my hand
Forget your regrets
Ancient rites among the trees
Follow me…to the coven!

Cold wind is blowing, darkness’s all around
Forest is fulfilled with the filthy sounds
Victim was taken and the blood was shed
Tomorrow there will be no trace of the dead
Let’s get in trance by incantation words
Worshiping the realm of long forgotten lords
Spirit has spawned, witchcraft is done
So bow your heads to the evil one!
Track Name: Toxic Tomorrow
Guess on what it depends
Mother earth revenge
Radiation is in your soul
Nothing is under control


Fear is making you blind
When there’s no place to hide
Tendention to breaking the laws
So Worship the toxic gods
Track Name: The Summoning